The Road to Becoming a Professional Organizer

The Road to Becoming a Professional Organizer

Are you one of those people who was born with a natural sense and passion for organizing?

Did you organize your Crayola crayons from light to dark? In the order of the rainbow colors?

Were your books lined up on the shelf alphabetically, by genre or by height?

Whatever your organizing style you probably have been organizing for as long as you can remember, I know I have!


Although I have always loved organizing I discovered Professional Organizing later in life.

My first profession was dentistry. I practiced as a dentist for 10 years until my children were born.

I then enjoyed the flexibility of being a stay at home mom.

In that time I used my organization skills to keep our home and our lives organized.

As my children grew up and I found myself with more free time, I started to do some organizing projects for friends and family.

One day I was looking up organization resources on the internet and I discovered Professional Organizers in Canada.

That was my “aha” moment! You mean this is a thing? You can work as an organizer? And they have an organization with courses and monthly meetings?

This greatly appealed to the former dental student in me. I took the classes and went to a Chapter meeting.

There I discovered several women with the same passion as me.

I promptly joined the Executive of the local POC Chapter in Calgary.

My passion for organizing, combined with my desire to help people, made Professional Organizing the perfect fit for me.

I already had plenty of experience as a dentist dealing with people under stress.

I was empathetic and sensitive to the needs of my patients.

I was able to transfer those skills to clients who were overwhelmed and allowed me the privilege of working in their home.

I have been organizing for 3 years and am the current Chair of my local POC Chapter.

I have found my niche among other organizers and love being a professional organizer!



  1. Love the name of your business! Isn’t it wonderful how our talents and compassion can bring many opportunities to help others?! I’m glad to have met you through the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival!!

    • Hi Olive,

      I love your goals about reading 1 book a week. Great strategy to achieve your dream! Thanks for the compliment and nice to meet you too.


  2. Christine, I had no idea you were a dentist – that’s an interesting transition! I just love learning how various organizers got involved with the industry.

    • Hi Janet,

      I am looking forward to that as well in your next Professional Organizer Blog Carnival.


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