Sort and Toss in the Media

Sort and Toss in the Media

Recently, Sort and Toss founder Christine Salberg was invited to chat with Green Cleaning Coach Leslie Reichert on her Clean Green Talk Show on W4WN Radio. During this lively hour-long interview, Christine provides some practical tips on keeping different parts of your home – and your life – well-run and worry-free. Click Here to listen to the podcast!

About Leslie Reichert

Leslie Reichert, “The Cleaning Coach”, is a nationally-recognized green homekeeping expert dedicated to educating people on keeping their homes, schools and work areas “green”.

From obvious dangers like toxic chemicals under the sink to hidden hazards that can be found in the office, Leslie helps teach simple steps to keeping families and pets safe from hidden toxins and health risks.

Leslie Reichert’s mission is to teach and encourage others in the “art” of green homekeeping. Leslie is a green consultant whose wit, insight and humor has raised the green awareness in all of us. Leslie writes for a number of websites like “The Daily Green” and is also featured as the green expert for in Boston.

Leslie is the founder and president of The Green-Clean University, offering programs and products for green lifestyle management.

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