Concierge Services

SchedulingThe term “Concierge” evolved from the French “Compte des Cierges (the keeper of the castle) – the individual who attended to visiting nobles in castles of the medieval era.

Concierges were very popular in Paris throughout the 19th century. The concierge had a small apartment on the ground floor and served the guests of the building.

Concierge services became popular in North America in the 20th century as many high-end hotels offered their services The guests could arrange restaurant reservations, spa treatments, transportation, tickets to events and more.


$40-$50/hour (1 hour of service minimum)

-dry cleaning services

-returns and exchanges

-library drop off and pick up

-coordination and scheduling of appointments

-grocery shopping and weekly meal planning

-home cooked meals prep

-meals cooked and delivered

-restaurant reservations

-movie and theater ticket purchases

-sporting and special event ticket purchases

-important date reminders (birthdays, anniversaries)

-home wait services for utilities and service trades

-post office

-picture development

-liquor store purchases

-pharmacy /prescription drop off and pick up

-Costco or mall shopping

-various errands

Rates are based on 8am-5pm business hours. A surcharge applies for weekends and evenings.

$50-$60/hour (1 hour of service minimum)

-personal shopper

-gift baskets and client gifts

-teacher, coaches and babysitter gifts

-airline ticket reservations

-car rental

-project research for travel or leisure activities

-filing, data entry

-electronic calendar set up and management

-booking/registering for adult or childrenʼs classes/activities

-outsourcing and managing contractors, trades people, landscapers, nannies,

cleaning service,doctors, dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists

-holiday shopping, includes gift wrapping and delivery

-professional organizing services for home and office

-homework, craft, sports and activities stations

-Christmas decoration set up and take down

Rates are based on 8am-5pm business hours. A surcharge applies for weekends and evenings.

$65-$85/hour (1 hour of service minimum)

-theme parties

-milestone birthdays

-childrenʼs birthday parties

-dinner parties

-corporate events

-weekend getaways

-vacation research, planning and booking

-adventure tours and cruise

-moving services coordination (hiring realtor, movers, cleaners)

-downsizing and relocation

Rates are based on 8am-5pm business hours. A surcharge applies for weekends and evenings.

Who uses concierge services today? Anyone who needs more time!

We cater to busy professionals working full time. We cater to single parents juggling career and children. We cater to 2 working parent families with children in various after school activities.

We cater to adult children of parents who are downsizing. In short, we offer discreet, personalized concierge services to Calgarians who need help managing their busy professional lives. Let us give you the gift of time so that you can focus on your priorities: family, friends, career and leisure activities.

We tailor our services to your unique needs and personal preferences. We work at building a lasting relationship with our clients so that we familiarize ourselves with their tastes, styles and preferences. In this manner, we not only meet your required needs but we also seek out services and events that we feel may interest you.

We match your high standards with our own in order to provide you with the superior personalized service you deserve. Let Sort and Toss be your partner in implementing a concierge service solution tailored to your specific needs. A smart solution that minimizes missed appointments, maximizes productivity and provides freedom to enjoy the things that matter most to you.

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