Household Organization

HouseholdA busy household can accumulate an exceptional amount of clutter in no time flat. When this happens, cleaning up becomes more of a chore. Finding things takes longer. Replacement items are unnecessarily purchased. And ultimately, your home just doesn’t look as tidy as it used to. Sort and Toss works with clients to conquer clutter and reclaim the serenity of a well-appointed space.

Home organization strategies can take many forms, but they all start with a solid, client-focused plan of action. Invariably, the result is spaces that look better, households that run more efficiently, and the net surplus of time that comes from having everything in its right place.

From a simple de-clutter to comprehensive staging, storage and interior design services, Sort and Toss can help you implement an efficient, intelligent and manageable organization solution that will positively impact the overall quality of your life. Contact us today to get started!


Whether your project involves organization and storage, family member relocation or staging of a home for sale, our first on-site consultation is on the house! This free visit provides us with sense of what your organization goals are and how you’d like us to help execute them. And it gives you a zero-obligation assessment of the task at hand.

When you hire Sort and Toss for your organization project, we don’t waste any time getting down to business. Whether this involves working in or around your home; meeting with contractors on your behalf; donating, selling or discarding unwanted effects; or acquiring project materials, you can rest assured that every moment spent working on your behalf is time – and money – well spent.

Sort and Toss is a member in good standing with Professional Organizers in Canada (POC). A registered, national association representing professional organizers across Canada, POC provides credibility, community and connections to member companies. Representing more than 500 members in 14 chapters across Canada, POC’ provides its members with access to the tools, training, and resources to excel as professional organizers.

Inviting someone into your home involves trust – especially when personal effects are involved. At Sort and Toss, we take this responsibility very seriously. No matter what the nature of your next organization project mat be, absolute client confidentiality is our ironclad guarantee to you.

Following completion of your organization project, we’ll make sure your strategic organization solution works to your satisfaction – both now and for the long term. Trust Sort and Toss for your ongoing strategic organization needs.

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