Why Professional Organizations Are Important

Why Professional Organizations Are Important

I have been a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada for 1 year. Last week I attended my 1st POC conference and found the experience to be very fulfilling.

As a professional organizer we tend to work mostly alone. Conferences like these are a great opportunity to network and meet new colleagues.

The topic was “Ignite Your business”. It was a chance to meet organizers from Canada and the US as well as members from ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization) and NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers).

POC-logo_min80x100pxMost of us are home based female entrepreneurs and there are times when we may feel isolated and unmotivated…(I’m just going to watch one more episode on Netflix then get back to work).

Belonging to a professional organization gives you a sense of camaraderie. You can develop a network of support as well as obtain a wealth of information. Personally I met a fellow POC member who needed some help with her social media. I, in return, needed some bookkeeping tips. We are getting together next month and sharing our expertise to our mutual benefit.

As a member of the executive in my local chapter, I am awarded the opportunity to bring forth new ideas and implement changes in our chapter.

IMG_0250As POC members we are privy to meeting world renowned speakers through our organization. Last year Peter Walsh http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Walsh_(organizer) talked to the Calgary POC group and this year we were privileged to hear from Clare Kumar from Streamlife http://www.streamlife.ca/clare-kumar.html

Belonging to a professional organization is great way to network, be exposed to new ideas, strategies and people, as well as stay focused and motivated. I am already planning for the POC 2015 Conference in Toronto.

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