Is it Possible to go Paperless?

Is it Possible to go Paperless?

Inset_PapersWhen I look at all the paper in my home and office the task of going paperless seems daunting, even to a professional organizer like myself!

I tackle this task as I do all other large ones…I break it up into smaller components.First, STOP the flow of paper. Today! Immediately! Here’s how;


1. Apply to receive all bills electronically.

2. Sign up for electronic bank statements.

3. Switch your newspaper and magazine subscriptions to digital format.

4.Send electronic faxes . Here are some options.

5. Download books on an ipad or e-reader rather than buying paper copies.

If you really   want to have the feel of a book (I often do) visit your local library or

borrow from friends.

6 . Obtain manuals of purchased products in PDF format from the internet.

7 . Ask for a digital receipt after a purchase versus a paper one.

8.  Use Dropbox to share documents.

9.  Evernote  is a great way to take notes.

You can eliminate post its as well as legal pads.

( I still use colored post its occasionally …love them!)

10. Rather than print emails save them as PDFs.


Once the flow of new paper has been dealt with it is time to tackle your  filing cabinet.

I guarantee you that 75% of the paper in those files can be shredded, recycled or scanned and filed digitally.

As you sort and purge your files, place them in the appropriate piles (shred, scan, recycle and keep).

Once you have scanned the documents that you want to keep pick a system, learn it thoroughly and use it exclusively.

I like Evernote as it is versatile and easy to use.

Now sit back and enjoy the clean look of your uncluttered desk.



  1. Great list of ideas! I also have a weakness for cute colorful post-it notes. 🙂 I like to put them right on my planner; it is fun to remove them when the task is completed! I also use them when reading a library book to mark information I want to remember and if I end up using a lot, then I know I should probably just buy a used copy of the book at Better World Books!! I keep hearing good things about Evernote. That is my next technology goal. Thanks for posting to POBC.

    • Hi Olive,

      I use Evernote regularly, especially when I get ideas on the go. However my desk and computer is covered with colourful little post its. Good luck with tackling Evernote, it is a great tool. Thanks for the feedback.


  2. I use a sticky note feature on my computer screen to leave myself notes, and because all my bills are paperless I put a sticky note of when it is due and relevant info, so it is a reminder every time I turn on my laptop.

    • Hi Jill,

      That’s a great feature. I am mostly paperless but my guilty pleasure is coloured post its. I am working on that…


  3. Thanks so much for the link to the list of fax services. I have an all-in-one, but disconnected the fax because of the fax spammers who were wasting my toner and paper, and tying up my phone line. But of course that means on those rare occasions that I do need to send or receive a fax, I have to connect it only to disconnect it again. I never knew there were free and “pay as you go” online fax services; I thought they were all monthly plans.

    • Janet,

      I also rarely use faxes so a pay as you go option is ideal.


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