It Takes a Village…

It Takes a Village…

The saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” can be used for entrepreneurship.

Most professional organizers are solopreneurs. The urban dictionary defines a solopreneur as an entrepreneur who works alone, “solo,” running their business single-handedly.

It is difficult to run a business and wear many hats. When you are the sole proprietor, the stress can be overwhelming and can take its toll. Sometimes we need to ask for help.

The primary reason that asking for help is difficult is that it can be perceived as a sign of weakness. It implies that you can’t do it alone or don’t know what to do.

The second reason people don’t like to ask for help is that they don’t want to feel indebted to anyone.

However, the most successful entrepreneurs get past these obstacles and ask for the assistance required to make their business successful. Instead of weakness it shows strength and determination.

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How to ask for help:

1. Determine why you need help.

    Are you overwhelmed with work or is the task beyond your capabilities?

    Better planning can ensure that you are not overwhelmed in the future.

2. Develop a reputation for being helpful.

    If you are eager to help others it makes it easier to ask for help.

3. Where is the best place to get help?

    Do you need to hire someone, ask a peer for advice or get help from family


4. Be specific.

    People are more willing to help if you ask for a specific favor.

    “Can you pick up my kids after school so that I can work until 6”?

5. Develop a strong network.

    Surround yourself with people with various skills that you can call on when needed.

    Determine who would be best suited for the task you need.

Once you have established that you need help, tap into your resources and ask the most qualified person for a specific favor. You’ll be surprised how happy most people are to lend a helping hand.

“The only mistake you can make is not asking for help.” by Sandeep Jauhar



  1. Jill, great post! #4 “Being specific” is a biggie for me. I have learned to always ‘clarify’ both personally and professionally. Whether it’s a personal favor or a work project, it’s a great practice to affirm communication accurately. Be clear to ask for what you need in all walks of life.

    • Hi Jill,

      People are more willing to help when given a task. Thanks for the feedback.


  2. I like the tip to develop a reputation for being helpful. Love that quote at the end – not asking for help can be a big mistake! Thanks for sharing.

    • Sarah,

      Organizers are probably one of the least likely profession to ask for help as we are so used to giving it.
      Thanks for the positive feedback.


  3. Be specific, and developing a strong network are great pointers. I have learned over the years to delegate tasks I am no good at in order to run my business successfully. Great post Christine, it seems we both had the same idea for a title. LOL

    • Jill,

      Great minds indeed, I love our title. Your post is awesome, personal and inspirational. Thanks for the great feedback.


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