How We Work

How We Work

How much time have you spent combing through the back of your closet for that blue sweater? Do you know where the warranty is to your son’s iPod? Your daughter’s class picture? Where are your car keys?

How would you like the clutter and confusion in your life to just disappear? A well-planned, organized life helps you work more efficiently, save time and money, and ultimately enjoy the things that matter. That’s precisely the value that  Sort and Toss provides individuals and families struggling to fit everything into their hectic lives.

Looking for a professional organizer but not sure what to expect or how to get started? Here’s how we work:

Complimentary Consultation
In order to determine how best to meet your needs, we need to talk. When the task at hand involves organization and storage, home staging and related activities, it’s always a good idea to meet on-site. In some cases, however, an initial phone chat is all we need to get the ball rolling. At this stage we get a sense of what your organization goals are and how you’d like us to help execute them.

Plan of Attack
Based on your wants, needs, timeline and budget, we go to work on your strategic organization solution. This can involve working in and around your home; meeting with contractors on your behalf; donating, selling or discarding unwanted effects; acquiring materials; and other activities related to your project. You’ll be consulted at every juncture so you’re part of the key decisions.

Project Completion
Upon project completion, we perform a final walk-through with you to compare requirements with completed tasks. In many cases this entails an actual inspection of parts of your home that required organization.

Post-Project Support
Following successful completion of a Sort and Toss project, we’ll be in touch with you to ensure your strategic organization solution works to your satisfaction. Any required maintenance issues or additional project scope are usually discussed at this time.