Declutter your Schedule and Enjoy the Moments

Declutter your Schedule and Enjoy the Moments

Today’s busy lifestyles often involve career, family, community commitments and if we are lucky, some leisure time.

If you are organized you tend to think that you can tackle all additional new projects with ease. Being over scheduled is now a badge of honor. We tend to be pulled in many directions and it is sometimes difficult to say no to new requests.

This often leads to feeling overwhelmed, stressed, fatigued and sometimes unappreciated.

If you over schedule every minute of the day, week or month you leave no possibility for new opportunities that may arise.

There have been times where I have committed every possible afternoon and evening to  meetings or social engagements only to find myself unable to attend a spontaneous event that would have been enjoyable.

For most of us the next few weeks will be filled with hectic errands, shopping, visiting and cooking.

As we approach the holiday season it’s important to remember that it is acceptable to say no to some demands and to make choices that work for you and your family.

Sometimes the best moments are impromptu afternoons playing cards, napping or just watching the clouds go by.



  1. It can be helpful to ask family members what are the top 3 things they want to do during the holiday. Then schedule everyone’s #1. Too often we spend time doing things out of obligation, not because it is really a special activity. It is great knowing you did what was most important to your family. Schedule the other activities as time permits. Thanks for posting to POBC!

  2. Sometimes we’re eager to accept any and all social invitations that come our way, especially this time of year, but when it’s time to go, it feels more like an obligation than a joy. Remembering to commit only to those we truly want to attend will allow us to savor every moment instead of dragging ourselves out yet again.

    • Hi Janet,

      That is so true. It’s important not to overcommit and truly enjoy the season.

      Happy Holidays to you!


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