What a Concierge Service Can Do For You

What a Concierge Service Can Do For You

The term “concierge” evolved from the French “Compte des Cierges, (the keeper of the castle), the individual who attended to visiting nobles in castles of medieval era.

Concierges were very popular in Paris throughout the 19th century. The concierge had a small apartment on the ground floor and served the guests of the building. Concierge services became popular in North America in the 20th century as many high-end hotels offered their services. The guests could have restaurant reservations, spa treatments, transportation, tickets to events and more arranged for them.

Who uses concierge services today?….anyone who needs more time! If you value family time, leisure time as well as time for yourself, then concierge services are for you.

It’s a service that is invaluable to busy professionals working full time, single parents juggling a career and children. It can be a great time saving service for 2 working parent families with children in various after school activities or to the elderly who have reduced mobility.

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Types of Services

1. Basic Errands and Household Chores.

A concierge service will take your to do list off your hands, Not only will they pick up groceries but they will meal plan and do basic meal preparations so that you may avoid the hectic dinner time frenzy. When you get home from work, your focus should be your family. Wouldn’t you rather hear about you child’s day at school with a cup of tea rather than scrambling to get dinner on the table before soccer practice? If you work full time, wouldn’t it be nice to spend weekends enjoying leisure time with family and friends? A concierge service facilitates this by running your multitude of errands for you. Their services can include waiting at your home for service calls so that you don’t waste valuable time. Do you have library books to drop off? Items to return at the mall? Pharmacy prescription pick ups? Dry cleaning to drop off and pick up? Concierges will perform all these tasks so that you don’t have to.


 2. Personal Shopping and Booking of Events

Once a relationship is established with a concierge they will tailor their services to your unique needs and personal preferences. They work at building a lasting relationship with their clients so that they familiarize themselves with their tastes, styles and preferences. In this manner, they not only meet your required needs but they also seek out services and events that may interest you.

Is your husband a Bruce Springsteen fan? They will locate tickets and venues for his birthday. Your favorite team made the playoffs? They will find hard to locate tickets for you to enjoy the game.

You love putting up Christmas decorations but dread taking them down? Your concierge service knows your home and storage spaces almost as well as you do. They will have your house in pre-Christmas state while you are out shopping with those gift cards you received.

You love Michael Kors …anything? They will track down sales and bring items in your favorite styles and colors for your selection.

3. Event Planning and Professional Organizing

You have so many large scale projects on your to do list, but you can’t find the time? A well trained concierge can reorganize your kitchen to suit your family’s needs, research your Disney Cruise or plan your romantic weekend getaway.

Your 7 year old wants a pirate birthday party? Ahoy Matey…they are on it! A themed venue, decorations, food, games and loot bags will be provided.

You’ve always wanted to host an Academy Awards night for your best girlfriends but found the planning too daunting? Your concierge expert will plan the red carpet affair from the bubbly to the mock ballots.

The question should not be “Who needs a concierge service?” but “Who DOESN’T need a concierge service?”

A concierge service gives you the gift of time so that you can focus on your priorities: family, friends, career and leisure activities.

“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.”

by Harvey MacKay


  1. What a fantastic, well written article drawing attention to our industry. In a world more time starved than ever, helping busy people gain work/life balance is more important than ever.

    “Your busy-ness is our business!”

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    • Hi Sherri,

      I agree, concierge services are perfect for people looking for work/life balance.
      Thanks for your comment.


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