Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Before you contract a professional organizer, you must first and foremost feel comfortable inviting this company into your home. The candidate you choose must possess a balance of discretion, knowledge and professionalism.

At Sort and Toss, we realize the level of trust our clients place in us when they engage us to organize a given aspect of their lives. In large part we merit this trust by adhering to a strict code of ethics, and by aligning our company with related organizations that strengthen our professional underpinnings.


Sort and Toss is a member in good standing of the following organizations:

POC-logo_min80x100pxProfessional Organizers in Canada (POC): As a registered, national association representing professional organizers across the country, The POC mandate is to provide a supportive environment for its members to share ideas, network and exchange referrals. Ultimately, POC aims to provide credibility, community and connections. Currently, POC represents more than 500 members in more than 14 chapters across Canada. Its mission is to develop professional organizing through creating awareness of the industry among the public and to provide its members with support by giving them the access to the tools, training, and resources to build their own businesses.

Members of Professional Organizers in Canada are organizing professionals from all sectors of the industry, comprising residential and office organizers, time management and goal setting professionals, estate organizing experts and many, many more.


PlanIt_LogoInnovative PlanIt: From corporate functions to catered home parties, trust Innovative PlanIt to design, host and manage the events that matter to you. Make the most of your milestones with the least possible amount of stress. From big picture planning down to the smallest detail, trust the Innovative PlanIt team to help you reach your goals.

Make the most of your important events with the least possible amount of stress. Visit Innovative PlanIt today.