Founder Profile


The career path of Sort and Toss founder Christine Salberg actually began in dentistry. After several years in a busy and successful practice, Christine decided to dedicate herself to a more rewarding career: raising her young family. It was these twin journeys that honed her attention to detail, organizational skills and keen insight into what today’s families need – and don’t need – in order to live well-designed lives.

Friends and family members have always relied on Christine for her uncanny organizational and time management abilities. Consistently recruited to spearhead projects, schedule events and help find that perfect gift, Christine decided that it would make good business sense to offer her special skills to a wider audience. Christine founded  Sort and Toss – a company dedicated to helping people minimize clutter, maximize efficiency and make time for the things in life that truly matter.

Christine excels at helping families maximize their leisure time by implementing organization and time management strategies. Whether she’s reworking a busy mom’s home storage solution or helping an aging family design a downsizing strategy, Christine’s energy, positivity and unique organizational insight are ever present. She is a natural born organizer who always provides a personal touch and never fails to show her clients compassion, patience and sensitivity.

POC-logo_min80x100pxChristine is the Chair of the Executive Committee of the Professional Organizers in Canada; an association dedicated to helping individuals and businesses locate and engage trusted, certified professional organizers. Contact her today and discover how a practical, intelligent and customized organization solution can positively impact the overall quality of your life.